Does your area rug deserve more than a cheap “cost per square foot” cleaning job ?


If you have invested  hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your area rug and would like to keep it like new for generations or if you have a family heirloom that you have been afraid to have cleaned the answer is yes.

Springer Professional Home Services Rug Salon is the only full service area rug cleaning company in Iowa.  All of our customers rugs are cared for by hand on an individual basis.

Dry soil causes the most damage to your handmade rugs, so that’s why all cleaning starts by removing the dry soil using our state of the art dusting equipment. We test for dye stability in your rug before moving on to the cleaning process. Depending on how your rug is 11260537_946096895452504_4211380653849254417_nmanufactured, the type of dyes, materials, etc. will determine the cleaning process which could be between 4 and 15 more steps each unique to your rug.

We hand clean and brush the fringe on the rug so there is no chance of damage by machine and finally the rug is dried in our custom built spinner which removes 95% of the water within a few minutes before returning to your home. Once dry the rug is wrapped and delivered to your home.

We are proud to announce that we are Iowa’s only Woolsafe Approved Service Provider!!!

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