Along with many homeowners, Jeff Springer, the founder of Springer Professional Home Services found it nearly impossible to get area rugs properly cleaned without packaging them up and shipping them out of state.

From this grew a specialized part of the business with dedicated staff to handle these needs. This process also required special equipment which needed to be custom built. As a matter of fact we are the only company in Iowa with a solution like this to safely clean your rugs.

“Quality area rugs require special cleaning that can not be accomplished with traditional carpet cleaning methods”

It has always been the mission of Springer Professional Home Services to establish and maintain the highest standards of service, integrity and professionalism in the industry. Toward this goal, Springer personnel offer prompt, courteous, professional service with technologically advanced and environmentally sensitive solutions.

We now offer a full line of area rugs in our carpet salon with specialized cleaning for your quality or heirloom area rugs along with optional stain protection and even special bagging for extended storage.