Custom Cut Rug Padding

rugpad_1We offer superb quality padding for your area rug that we custom cut at our facility to ensure its the proper size. Our rug padding has three layers of protection including a thermo-bonded surface with waffled latex backing for slip resistance. In between these two layers are synthetic fiber for maximum comfort and sound absorption.

Why do you even need padding?

Well for a few reasons, but most importantly it absorbs the grinding action caused by footsteps and protects the rug from premature wear. Along with this the padding also protects your floor underneath, makes it easier to vacuum and of course is safer as it stops sudden shifting of rugs on a hardwood floor.

Here is a  New York Times article talking about the importance of padding.

Our prices are very economical and since we are custom cutting from a large roll you are not paying for the waste you would cut off when buying an over-sized off the shelf pad. Just tell us you want new pad and we will add it to your order and install it when we return your rug. Its just that easy.