Our process

2015-07-12_16-03-22Each area rug that enters our carpet salon is not only evaluated individually but cleaned  individually.  You really don’t want to take your rug to one of those places that soak it in a tank with other rugs possibly soaked with pet urine do you?

In a nutshell, we start the process with the rug upside down on a special grate moving back and forth with our rug badger. The badger is a device that safely vibrates the dirt imbedded in the rug without actually touching the fibers.

We then flip the rug  and give it a traditional vacuum to remove any remaining dirt that did not fall free with the rug badger process.

At this point before water or any cleaning chemical is applied we color test the dyes before moving on to the next step of cleaning.

The cleaning process is determined by the type of material, how the rug is sewn and the type of dyes used in the process.  Because of the variables there could be several steps in this process to give you the ultimate clean and protect your rug.

We fresh water rinse your rug until the water is clear and there is zero residue left in your rug.

And finally we extract all remaining water using our special process so your rug is returned to you without excess moisture.

During the above process depending on type we hand clean the fringe (if applicable) which protects it from machine damage.

Optionally we offer stain protection packages as well as long term storage bags for rugs that are going into extended storage.