Stain Removal

Accidents happen, but that does not mean they are unrepairable2015-07-24_8-10-16

Quickly blot liquid spills with a dry rag and scrape up any solid spills.  Helpful tip: Do not rub or scrub a stain and always move from the outside going in. If you do not follow this procedure you can easier smear the stain into a much larger area.

When in doubt call one of our experts at 515-262-9229. Depending on your rug, some cleaners can permanently damage the rug including lock the stain in forever.

Pet stains usually require large amounts of water and special cleaning at our Carpet Salon. Even the slightest hint of odor and your pet will return and repeat the process. Typically the only way to stop this kind of behavior is to fully clean the rug and return it as new condition.