Moth and Pest problems


Some speIndianmeal-moth-larvae-from-pub-300x200cies of moth  can digest protein fibers such as silk , wool, and other specialty fibers along with synthetic fibers. This means your  area rugs can harbor these moths and insects if they contain food or beverage stains or blood or pet urine or other sources of nutritional protein.

If you want to avoid moths the most effect way to stop infestation is to keep your area rug clean. This includes regular vacuuming, cleaning up spills and pet accidents immediate  along with professional rug cleaning.

Pest Problems

Of course if you have a bug infestation including bed bugs, who better to trust your area rug to than Springer Professional Home Services. So if you are buying a classic heirloom or moving from one location to another it makes sense to have your rug properly cleaned and rid of pest before moving it into your new home.